About Us

We Are Real Estate Wholesaler's who assign properties nationwide. We make sure deals get done with Seller's and Buyer's as quickly and carefully as possible. 

All deals are finialized through our best Title Companies, and are contracted on all ends to make all parties feel secure. We do thorough due diligence to ensure all Seller's receive a fair and realistic offer on their property. Our Assignment Fee's are usally set to 60%-70% of ARV. 

All properties listed on this site are off market. Meaning we give the BEST discounted price for EVERY property. If you as a Cash Buyer are interseted in a property and have a different price in mind compared to the price listed, all offer's sent to us will be considered. You can send offers to our Contact Us page.

Unless mentioned, we DO NOT own any properties listed as these are all wholesale deals. 

With all things considered, we're happy you're here and hope you find what you're looking for.