Q: How do I make an offer on a property?

A: Go to our “Contact Us” page and send us an email or give us a call. We take offers first come first serve. It is best to give us a call for the quickest response. Once you connect with us and you want to purchase the property, we’ll require an earnest deposit to secure your offer on that property. We’ll answer any of your questions to assure comfortbility in your decisions.

Q: Do you charge any fees to buy a home?

A: We don’t charge home owners any fees to help them find a solution. We purchase properties at great price after doing thourough due diligence.

Q: Do you charge any fees to sell a home?

A: We buy the property at a steep discount, add on our assignment fee which is our profit for finding and negotiating the deal and you pay a still deeply discounted price. We make sure all sides walk away happy with a fair deal.

Q: Are these properties on-market or off-market?

A: All of our properties are off-market. We always try to deliver under retail prices!

Q: Do you guys pay for referral's on properties?

A: Yes we do! If you don't know how to start in Real Estate or simply don't have the time, you can still get paid by sending in referals. Simply head over to our "Contact Us" page and send a description, addresss, pictures of property, and your name.

Q: Do you do JV's?

A: Yes we do JV's. If you have a buyer for one or more of our propeties listed, we can get work done!

Q: Do you have courses or classes on how to start in Real Estate?

A: Yes! So far we have an E-Book on how to get started (How To Flip Real Estate page), more coming soon! We're also on the way to have classes via Discord/Zoom very soon so stay tuned for that!